3349 20th St — Outdoor Dining in SF

3349 20th St — Outdoor Dining in SF

Plants. Trees. Horticulture. Asphalt. On a bonus double slow street intersection, it is quiet; no parklet/street platform/jerry-rigged thingy, just a 2 by 4 artfully installed next to a city tree. Likely there will be an awkwardly parked BMW motorcycle nearby, but please don’t set your drink on it.

In these times, this is yet another fully owner-operated establishment, the new gold standard for “we’re going to make it through this no matter what, Grant Colfax be damned!” It is fitting that historically the place was operated as a grocery saloon, basically what the city requires everywhere to be during the pandemic. Mission Local did the opposite of helping, writing an article calling out questionable customer behavior publicly while also saying they love the spot. If the place is only open when the owners can be there, don’t articulate the struggle bus by adding an unneeded city watchdog back half.

My dog watches

Speaking of watchdogs, neighborly dogs are extremely welcome, encouraged, and rewarded. If you’ve been seen anywhere within 7 miles with a dog, a pupper, a cat, or a warm fuzzy coat that moves in the wind, you will be scolded if you do not bring it with you. If you forgot your fuzzball, at least find a fancy plant to entertain with instead. It will be welcomed and lovingly taken away from you if it is nice enough to live on the sidewalk; I have never brought a plant nice enough for this VIP treatment.

Get the Nepalese snacks provided from next door and cozy up to the two-person tables.