Julius Caesar

Dear Emperor,

This may not reach you in time, but Brutus is plotting against you. I am sorry to say that my master might have to be silenced, but it is for the good of Julius. Cassius is the one who convinced him to do so. Portia also knows of this. Actually, after thought, many know of this. Why am I writing this? It may put my own life in danger. I remind myself this is for Rome, my country, my fellow countrymen. Brutus wishes to murder you Caesar, in cold blood. You are a god to me, higher than any one else I know. But who am I most loyal to? My country, my leader, my master, my soul, or my conscience? I fret over this hatred towards an excellent leader who has only done good. I trusted you Brutus… I owe most of my well being to you Brutus… But I must come to say, Brutus owes his life to you, oh Emperor, no one else but you. I broke into tears while writing this letter, my feelings have moved me so much, as to make a man cry. My mind is torn over this, Brutus is like a father to me, I never knew my real father, or my mother. My country is my other father, the other entity I owe to. But which do I owe more to? Which father? My father or everyone’s father? What about poor Portia? What will become of her? Et tu Brute! Why! I will be driven insane, who should die? Brutus why did you think of killing Caesar, why can’t you leave well enough alone? It is all Cassius, he is the one who got Brutus started on this thing. He is using Brutus, to his advantage.

Concerned Citizen